Selling My First Song

Like many songwriters, I didn't know if the music industry wanted my song-lyrics without music. But I'd written a country song-lyric I called "You're My Angel", and many people told me it was hit material. I knew that selling my first song wouldn't be easy, but I felt that this song was better than most songs I was hearing on the radio. So I dedicated myself to selling my first song.

Fortunately for me, I met a lot of songwriters at a Nashville songwriter convention, and learned a lot about the music business. I was surprised to learn that many songwriters don't write their own songs, and depend on songwriters like me for new songs and lyrics. So I decided it was time to try selling my songs and lyrics.

I got a song-marketing kit and a directory of today's top recording artists, and started sending out my songs and lyrics. It took about 6 weeks, when an established country music producer and a relatively new country recording artist both contacted me about my song lyrics. Before I knew it, I had a song being recorded in Nashville, and another being produced on a country album in the U.K. And this lead to me getting a music publisher, copyrighting my songs, and getting a manager to sell my songs for me from now on.

My next post here will be on how you can get a manager to sell your songs for you, and the best way to copyright and protect your songs and lyrics. So until then, remember: you can take the songwriter out of the country ... but you can't take the country out of the songwriter!

- - Kenny Cobb, Country Songwriter